Keeping Your Assets In The Family

Keeping Your Assets In The Family

Keeping your assets in the family requires you to put as much protection in place as possible
If a you want to keep your assets safe for your family, it is important to make sure that you have put as much protection in place as possible while you are still able to do so.

During your lifetime it is essential that you have full access to and use of your assets, so that your quality of life is not jeopardised. This is particularly important during your retirement when the ability to replace capital is significantly

Plan Effectively

Effective planning should not involve ‘giving it all away’ or putting your own financial security at rick to benefit your future beneficiaries. It should, however, give you the peace of mind of knowing that whatever happens in the future, you or those that you trust, will remain in control of your assets and that you will not lose control to the state.

It should be structured in such a way that only the people you choose will be your beneficiaries and that nobody else will be able to make a claim against your estate or take assets from them.

Consider The Following Questions

  • How much of your estate would you be prepared to lose to pay for long term care fees?
  • Who would you trust to look after your affairs if you were no longer able to manage them?
  • Would you be happy for your grandchildren to lose 40% of your estate in inheritance tax?
  • How would you feel if your assets ended up in the hands of someone you had never met?
  • What would happen to their inheritance if one of your children divorced after your death?
  • Do you want to leave the financial security of you and your family to a roll of dice?

The wealthy learned many years ago that if they wanted to protect their bloodline they needed to put the correct protection in place. Over the centuries, they have written laws that guarantee their wealth can pass down through the generations safe from divorce, remarriage, illness and tax.

Those same laws can protect you and your family and give your the satisfaction of knowing that you have done the very best for them

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