Should You Stay Practical or Use Shop Front Signs That Wow The Public?

Every high street shop and business needs signage but deciding on what type of signage you have can depend on a number of factors and choosing to wrong signage can affect your business however using the right shop front signage can increase foot traffic and increase sales.

Many of the first signs ever to be use were used informally to indicate the membership of specific certain groups of faiths. Early Christians used the sign or a cross or the Ichthys (commonly referred to as the Christian fish or the Jesus fish) to signify their religious affiliations, while the sign of the sun or the moon would serve the same purpose for ancient pagans.

The latest research suggests that China had a somewhat rich history in early retail signage way back in 960CE so shop and retail signage isn’t a new concept.

The key point of a shop front sign is to communicate with potential customers and to get across information intended to help the recipient with decision making based on the information received. on the other hand, promotional signage may be designed to persuade to people who view them of the quality of a given service or product. So that being said decisions made about retail signage should no be taken lightly.

Does It Matter Whether you are a New or A well Known Business

Yes, whether you are a new or existing does sometime matter but it generally depends on your location, many businesses located in small towns and villages that have been passed down through the generations from father to son or mother to daughter won’t really put much thought into signage or branding and will typically have very basic painted signage probably panted and hung by the local sign writer or in some case no signage at all, after all the Butcher’s in a small village is simply refereed to as the Butcher’s in the village or just by the family name and for a business such as this new and updated signage is the farthest thing from their minds.

In larger towns and cities it is a much different story, it’s a dog eat dog world when it comes to getting and keeping business and customers and old family run businesses are on a level footing with new businesses due to the fact that people move in and out of larger towns and cities more frequently than people move in and out of small town and villages so to succeed it’s all about using the correct signage, but should you keep your signage to the point or try to wow potential customers with fancy neon signs and backlit lettering?

The type of shop front signs used by different businesses and retail sectors depends a lot on the business niche and the clientele the business is trying to attract; an accountancy firm doesn’t want a flashing neon sign although a tactfully back lit sign would look great.

A flashing neon sign however would benefit an all night coffee shop or taxi office where the aim is to make your business known to those weary night dweller and revellers.

Sign Makers Covering RochdaleThe sign make will usually be able to show you a catalogue of the different types of sign currently available and their costs

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