Tips for Getting Maximum Compensation after Your Road Traffic Accident

No one want the inconvenience of having a Road Traffic Accident especially when you are not at fault, the hassle, the phone calls to you insurance company, the time off work all contribute to make the experience a bad one.

Obviously after a Road Traffic Accident whether it’s a serious one that required police or fire service presence or just a minor bump or scrap your first priority should be about making sure that you and passengers are going to be OK. Even if you think that the accident was only minor it’s always a good idea to get checked out at your local hospital especially where young children or babies are involved.

After you have gotten over the initial shock of the accident and everyone has been to and been discharged from the local hospital it’s time to go about getting the compensation you deserve.

Of course you need to ring your insurance company as soon as possible to inform them of the accident but what many people don’t realise is that you do no need to use their legal services to pursue a claim for compensation. They have been many stories online where people have been given very poor representation by solicitor appointment by their insurances company.

You insurance company is not concerned about your injuries, your losses and  your time of work and mental trauma all they are interested in is spending as little money as possible which usually results in very poor representation by inexperience young solicitors. There was one case in Bolton a few years ago that I personally watched as I knew one of the witnesses, where the solicitor representing the person who was clearly not at fault made so many mistakes and did such a bad job – resulting in losing the case – that onlookers, me included, where certain he had lost on purpose because no one should be so incompetent.

road traffic accident claims Wigan

Years later I found out those solicitors do lose on purpose in many road traffic cases, but why? Again the reason is money. Two drivers may have insurance certificates from different insurance companies but at the end of the day there are fewer insurance companies than people think and two small insurers, lets call them “ABC Insurance” and “City Insurance” will be underwritten by a single larger company, in fact in most road traffic cases there is a chance that both parties will be insured by the same company and the insurance company will just side with the lowest claim, if however you insist on going to court they’ll simple appoint a young, junior solicitor and instruct him/her to lose so that they get the outcome they wanted. It’s a massive scam that for some reason is allowed to continue.

This is why it is important that you appoint your own, independent no win no fee solicitor who will fight for you and get you maximum compensation.

However, deciding on the correct legal representation after a motor vehicle accident claim can be a tricky choice. Although you may have been approached by your or the other driver’s insurance representative, they will not necessarily have your best interests at heart, you can decide who you want to take care of you and your claim, do not be pressured by anyone into using their services especially your own insurance company.

Williams and Co are personal injury specialist who have help 100’s of car crash victim over the year get maximum compensation.

Williams and Co are based near Wigan and have helped clients from all over the region including Ashton in Makerfield, Haydock, Newton Le Willows, Leigh, Skelmersdale, Standish, Rainford, Garswood, Billinge, St Helens, Chorley, Bolton, Hindley, Atherton, Tyldesley and as far a field as  Bangor, Caernarfon and Llandudno

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